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We are the partner of choice for e-commerce merchants seeking to maximize their ROIs and LTV through CRM interactions.

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Our Email Marketing One-Stop-Shop
maximizes your revenue by leveraging our experience and expertise.

Over $4M revenue generated by e-mail.

It took us some time to find the right balance between informative and promotional content.
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We build e-mails designed to bring you 30% of your revenue.

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- Global brand dashboard.
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- Cross-team planning.

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Constant A/B testing.
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What Our Members Say About Us

“EmailClub managed to contribute to 30% of our revenue while protecting our brand's image and building strong relationship with our customers to maximize their lifetime value”

Thomas L
Club Member

“EmailClub helped us maximize our e-mail revenue: we generated €50k the first month, of which €20k came from their  newsletters. I highly recommend their services.”

Leo C
Club Member

“€70k generated in 30 days (34% contribution), congratulations to all the EmailClub team!”

Maxime P
Club Member